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Tower Fortress is a challenging vertical action-platformer that features some roguelike mechanics.

Play as the village alchemist / weapons forger Sara and destroy the ominous tower that has risen up mysteriously in their town. On top of the tower emits a green smoke that made the town sick including Sara's parents who are the most affected since they live near the tower. Sara must reach the top of the tower and destroy the emitter.


  • Inspired by classic games and modern indies, it is a mashup of everything epic!
  • Randomly generated levels for a completely new challenge every run.
  • 4 areas that plays differently from one another
  • 4 epic bosses await at each area!
  • 20 types of upgrades and 9 weapons - Each weapon is unique and you will find yourself favoring many over the others depending on your playstyle.
  • 25 unlockable suits, some offer different abilities and drawback
  • 20 enemy types with unique attack sets and skill patterns.
  • Combos and speed run timer for the hardcore gamers
  • Amazing pixel art and animations by the creator of Dungeon Souls, Mike Renevo.
  • Awesome 8 bit audio by Zach Striefel who worked on popular indie games like Epic Boss Fighter and Kill the Plumber.
Can you reach the top and destroy the smoke emitter that is plaguing your town?

Ascend hero!

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